halloween came early

My girls were so excited to get going on their costumes this year. Last year was such a huge hit that we weren’t quite sure we could top them….but I think maybe we did!

With that, I present to you: Captain Marvel!

Stella as Captain Marvel

and her sister, Squirrel Girl!

Anya as Squirrel Girl

We had a lot of help from a friend with sewing this year. These costumes wouldn’t have come together so nicely without her.

They were both such a huge hit at Sac-Con this year. We are excited to enter a couple of costume contests and to hit the streets to keep them safe on Halloween!

first day tradition

I think it goes without saying that I love tradition with my girls. I love taking pictures of them on the first day of school. Always on the porch. Always with backpack and lunch bag. It’s my favorite. I do the same thing at the end of the year too.

Anya looks so grown up all of a sudden.


Stella picked this dress my friend made for her with superhero comics fabric as her first day outfit. Love it.


They had a great first day and couldn’t be happier with their teachers.

And these three. Still friends. Since pre-school!


I love this time of year!


You keep me on my toes. You make me laugh. I can’t get enough of your squeezes. I love hearing you sing with total abandon. Your compassion astounds me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you…but could you just slow it down a little bit? Happy birthday to my sweet, smart and sassy Stella Grace. How did you get to 6 so fast?


last day.

They made it – kindergarten and 2nd grade are done and done! And, of course – it wouldn’t be me without a little documentation of the last day!



I love how put together they look on the first day of school – and the scrappy mess they become on the last day. LOL!


You are an old soul. You think about everything before you dive in – but you are fearless. You love your little sister. I love how you just come up and hug me – for no reason, just because. I love that you still love to snuggle. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I love you a bushel and a peck…and a hug around the neck.


fall is here

it’s official. the temperature around here has finally dropped below 90°. that means it’s really fall.

i will now buy a pumpkin or three for the porch. i protested when it was 100° and trader joe’s had pumpkins out in front of their store in the heat getting all rotten.

we got the girls’ halloween costumes done early this year so they could enter a costume contest at sac con. they won! my kids got a ton of attention. anya doesn’t handle that as well as stella – who walks around with her hands on her hips waiting for people to notice her.

now onto some random things i’ve had on my mind:

1. i really needed fall.
2. i miss having seasons (being from seattle will do that to you.)
3. i’m not sure i enjoy having two kids playing soccer.
4. i like that both my kids are in a sport.
5. i’m allowed to contradict myself. this is my blog.
6. i am going to start baking more. because it’s fall.
7. i can’t wait to wear a scarf.
8. i can’t wait to find boots that fit over my fat calves.
9. i am going to try and make my fat calves not so fat so i can find boots a lot easier.
10. i found this today. i can’t wait to read and laugh. a lot.
11. i miss taking pictures.
12. i like fall.
13. I like that i don’t have to hear myself complain about the heat anymore.
14. my puppy is one year old today. whoa.
15. my girls are already talking about going to the snow this year. this. will. happen. even if i have to put socks on their hands for gloves – because that’s what i did as a kid (yes, we were that kind of poor.)
16. i refuse to look at anything christmas. can we just get through halloween people?

happy birthday maggie mayhem. you are one crazy loved dog!

how was that for a totally random post. again.

both. in. school!

i really am so excited to have both my kids in school.
they need it.
they are at each others’ throats lately – which in turn makes me kind of a mean mommy. the first week couldn’t have gone better. and for that, i’m so pleased.
big kid is in 2nd grade and littlest kid is in kindergarten.

kinder, 1st, 2nd. whoa.

pals since before preschool

super excited to see what this year holds for my girls.
and i’m so happy to see them getting along.

i love you both very much!