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GOOD street food + design market

yesterday was the premier of GOOD street food + design market here in sacramento. can i just say how much we needed this? it was awesome and very fun. GOOD is featuring local designers and food vendors (food trucks too!) the first sunday of every month through the summer. my good friend rachel from popcycle creamery made her debut with her ice cream pops. she got rave reviews and tons of attention. i’m super proud of her!Popcycle and GOOD

another friend, amy was selling her jewelry, revitalized vintage. i fell in love with that turquoise beaded necklace, but didn’t nab it fast enough. sad face.

revitalized vintage

we had the most amazing food from voodoo van (they came from san francisco) – i think i got my deep fried intake for the year. note: i must have been too busy stuffing my face and forgot to get photos. sorry. next time.

there were tons of free activities for the kids too. face painting, pinata making, all sorts of mess-making that i didn’t have to do at home. sweet!

i can’t wait for the next GOOD event in july. it’s promising to be even better than the first!


pals and karate

stella had a field trip with her friends to the train museum today. i can’t believe we’ve never been! but *free* is a really good incentive to go. it’s pretty cool inside. they even have trains you can go into and one that simulates movement like you are on a real moving train (insert nausea here.)
i didn’t take any pics in the train museum (wrangling kids on a preschool field trip takes a lot of attention), but i did get this one of the cutie-pies waiting outside.

train museum

they are such great pals and have known each other for about 3 years. i hope they know each other for a very long time.

after the field trip we went to a nearby park and ate lunch.

i think maybe the highlight of the day and what they were all waiting for was karate lessons. our preschool is getting 1 whole month of free lessons! it’s just about the cutest thing imaginable. the instructor, mr. oliver, is so great with the kids. he teaches them a lot about respect and honor and what karate really means: empty hands

karate chop!

preschool karate

stella is having so much fun with the classes. we just might have to figure out a way to continue past the free month.

lai family

i had the pleasure of taking pictures of the adorable lai family. it’s always challenging wrangling a 1 1/2 year old. but we managed to walk away with a couple of great family photos.

we will try another day when chloe wants to stay in one place and not run from my camera. :)

clark family

i had the pleasure of taking photos of my good friend courtney and her family.Clark Familythey made it so easy for me.
it’s no secret that i bring bribery when i take pictures of kids…it always works. suckers and ring pops rewarded to the kids that make my job easy (and to make sure the parents are happy too, of course.)
a.Clark m.Clark

these two really didn’t want to take a picture together. i threatened eating the aforementioned ring pop and was able to get this…
siblings what cracks me up is that this is totally their personalities.
shoes thank you again! i hope you had as much fun as i did!



yellow…oh yeah

when i hear the word “yellow” i think of sunshine, butter, lemons, sunflowers and ferris bueller’s day off . remember the song “oh yeah” by yellow? well, there you go. that’s how i got there.

but this week is all about yellow on i hear faces! it’s been ages since i’ve submitted anything, but i remembered a cutie-pie i recently did portraits of who had on the most adorable yellow sweater that her mama made…yes, made. she’s super crafty like that and i’m super envious! here’s chloe in her yellow. super! (my word of the day.)

be sure to head on over to i heart faces and see all the wonderful yellow submissions!

harley farms

my bff (i am laughing typing that because my 6 year old walked up to me the other day and said “we are bff’s, right mom?!) danni and her girlfriend invited us to go to the goat farm. we got to see baby goats! i’m pretty sure i was the most excited to see these babies. i’m a city girl…we just do see this kind of stuff every day.

harley farms baby goat

girls and the goats

this is an amazing place. harley farms is located in pescado, ca – just east of half moon bay. gorgeous! they have award winning cheeses too. it’s amazing…oh wait, i said that already. but it really is! if you think you don’t like goat cheese, you haven’t tried this goat cheese (psst: if you aren’t anywhere near their neck of the woods, you can order their cheeses here.)

select cheeses

my favorite was the lavender honey goat cheese. to.die.for!

lavender honey goat cheese

they also have tons of other products like oils, salad dressings, lotions, soaps and even raspberry nectar!

ricotta cheese

after tasting nearly everything in site, it was time to start our tour. we got to get right in there with the goats.


her face says it all…

stella running with the goats

in the pasture were some very pregnant mama goats. they were soaking up the sun and not doing much else (due in a matter of days.)

mama goats

stella talked to this mama goat for a good 10 minutes. so cute.

mama goat

next came the fun part…we got to play with the kids. 3 day old babies. so playful and fun!

anya and baby goat

me and baby goat
(photo:john marcotte)

danni and baby goat

john & sherm

after the tour, it was time to see how they make the cheese. mmm! hair nets were required, and no, i don’t have a photo with me in one.

girls in hair nets

edible flowers…

cheese making

ta da! and next we got to eat the cheese…delish!

finished cheese

i can’t say enough good things about harley farms goat dairy. it’s really fun and the people were wonderful. oh and the goats…so fun! i highly recommend it if you are going to be in the area!


my good friends leng and melinda asked me to take photos of little chloe. of course, i couldn’t resist. unfortunately, she wasn’t her super chipper self, so we got a few, but we are going to try again another day. still, look at these cheeks!

oh, and by the way…chloe’s very talented knitting mama melinda made that adorable sweater!

that tongue!

thanks chloe! next time we’ll make sure we let you finish your nap!

first field trip – folsom zoo

stella got to take her first field trip with a few of her preschool friends. we went to the folsom zoo. it’s a great place that is not your typical zoo, but instead an animal sanctuary for rescued animals.

i didn’t get a lot of photos inside the zoo because, let’s face it, chasing a bunch of 3 year olds around is difficult at best and makes it hard to keep your eye behind a lens. but, look at these cute monkeys outside the zoo!

and stella’s huge wingspan!