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so undecided

i have been working on updating my blog here and also trying update my photography site  i like the look of a clean blog, but not sure i’m going to stick with this look.

the problem i’m having now is what to do with the photography site. i really want to have a nice looking gallery to send potential clients to, but not something over-done. for now, i’m busy putting watermarks on the photos i plan to showcase.

i’m taking advantage of picnik while i can. in case no one noticed, they are closing the site down in april. so sad. i love picnik for quick photo edits. sigh.

so, stick with me as i try to figure all this out. for some reason, i’m just not feeling it. maybe i should go eat a cupcake and figure it out.

contemplating over sprinkles

happy sunday everyone!

clark family

i had the pleasure of taking photos of my good friend courtney and her family.Clark Familythey made it so easy for me.
it’s no secret that i bring bribery when i take pictures of kids…it always works. suckers and ring pops rewarded to the kids that make my job easy (and to make sure the parents are happy too, of course.)
a.Clark m.Clark

these two really didn’t want to take a picture together. i threatened eating the aforementioned ring pop and was able to get this…
siblings what cracks me up is that this is totally their personalities.
shoes thank you again! i hope you had as much fun as i did!



preschool photo project

at the end of the 2010 – 2011 preschool year, one of the teachers asked me to take photos of each kid as part of a little slideshow she was putting together. i had so much fun taking photos of all these cute mugs!

tj preschool

each photo was individually inserted in the slideshow to music. miss kelly warned me there would be tears. she was right. i’m a sucker for cute photos of kids backed by “somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo’ole.

i just love this preschool and it will be a bittersweet goodbye next year when stella graduates.


my good friends leng and melinda asked me to take photos of little chloe. of course, i couldn’t resist. unfortunately, she wasn’t her super chipper self, so we got a few, but we are going to try again another day. still, look at these cheeks!

oh, and by the way…chloe’s very talented knitting mama melinda made that adorable sweater!

that tongue!

thanks chloe! next time we’ll make sure we let you finish your nap!


well, i really did it! i had my first photography show and i made it through the evening without breaking out into hives.

(please don’t say i look like kate gosselin. that wasn’t my intention.)

it was a very successful night all around. i even sold one piece! yay!

courtney featured locally grown food for the reception – which was awesome!

BFD did great and sold lots of things during the opening reception. i’m so happy for them!

congrats tim and courtney. i think this is going to be your year!

(photos courtesy courtney clark)