new look


i’m trying out a new look here at urbanbundle.

ok, maybe not with facial hair (because that would just be wrong!)

just looking at new designs and logo.

so, if you see things are a bit out of sorts, it’s just me fiddling again!


amidst the cranky-pants attitude i have today because of this nasty cold, i’ve decided to take a moment to appreciate how lucky i really am.

this man loves me. for all my mood swings and cranky times when i’m not so nice. he loves me.


she volunteers to help me do the dishes.


and she tells me at the top of her lungs that she loves me.


i am loved. that’s all that matters.

i love you john, anya, and stella!

just some photos i love

busy days means not a lot of time spent blogging.

but, i wanted to share some photos from a recent trip we took to the san ramon kite and wind festival.
though i didn’t take any photos of kites (or wind for that matter)

i did get these pictures of anya on the airplane ride.

she wasn’t having any fun. not at all.

i love this one of john throwing stella in the air.

or catching her out of the air.

depends on how you look at it.

stella really loved the purple balloon.

really, really, loved it.

it was a fun family day.


is it really happening? 


wasn’t she just this big last week?


my little girl is growing up so fast!


where did the time go?


can i keep her this size forever?


i know i can’t. but i can wish, right?


my little princess started preschool today. no tears (that i know of.)

i hope she is kind.
i hope she remembers to say please and thank you.
i hope she remembers how to share.
i hope she makes lots of new friends.
i hope she listens.
i hope she misses her mommy, just a little. :)