the theme this week over at iheartfaces is “dramatic black & white”.

i chose this photo of my hubby john for a couple of reasons. he’s not normally bald. he had just shaved his head for st. baldrick’s day – which is a foundation that raisesĀ  money for pediatric cancer research. and i also love all the different textures in the photo and i love LOVE the reflection of the buildings in his shades (this was totally an accident – i didn’t notice when i was shooting the pic.)


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i {heart} faces – angles


this weeks theme at iheartfaces is “angles.” i thought of this photo i took of anya standing in front of a wall at an old ice warehouse. she was annoyed and done with me taking her picture. hence the snarky look on her face – but i like it. i think it works. and i love the angle! head on over to iheartfaces blog to check out all the other amazing entries!


she makes me proud…


it’s been a while since a true blog post. i felt this story really deserved a special mention.

back when haiti was hit with the devastating earthquake, we watched the music benefit on t.v. and anya watched with us. she asked what happened to all those people and why were they living in a place “all crumbled up.”

john and i always do our best to explain things in a way that anya (who is now 5) will understand. she’s very smart and thinks about things and tends to never forget (this can be both a blessing and a curse, by the way.) we explained that there was a very bad earthquake and a lot of buildings were destroyed and lots of people got hurt. anya then asked “are there kids in haiti?” “yes”, i answered. she said “are we going to help them?” “yes, we sent money.” i answered.

so, fast forward about 3 weeks or so. anya came to me one afternoon with a little cloth purse filled with coins. typically we give her any spare change and let her put it in a piggy bank. when said piggy bank is full, she gets to go do something or pick out a toy with the money. when she showed me the purse filled with coins, i said “wow, you better go put that in your piggy bank so you don’t lose it.” she said “no mommy, this money isn’t for me. it’s for kids in haiti.” my eyes began to well up. i felt warm inside and so very proud.

“that’s a very good thing to do.”, i said. and she wandered off and put the little purse in a safe place.

since then, any spare change she finds, it goes straight to that purse. today, she said she wanted to use the money in her piggy bank as well to send to haiti.


for all the days i’m frustrated with my head-strong 5 year old, this makes it all worth it. i know that she gets it. she’s able to feel compassion and knows it’s important to help people.