the end of an era…

it’s really happening. she’s moving on to “real” school. it started sinking in when i registered anya for kindergarten last month. it hit even harder at parent orientation the other night. her preschool graduation was today and it was so bittersweet. i’m so looking forward to her finally getting to go to kindergarten. she’s been asking about it since her 5th birthday (she missed the age cut off by 1 week in our school district.)

how did we go from this…


to this…


she will always be my baby.


now we get to enjoy the summer before our crazy schedule begins in the fall!

our house…in the middle of our street.

i started thinking about all the changes we’ve made to our house and the updates that are still in progress. it’s amazing what you go through when buying a house that was built in 1938. we love our house, but it sure is a challenge every time we so much as hammer a nail in the wall.

i thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and do some posts showing before and after shots of various rooms and exterior changes to our house.

i’m tackling the playroom first. this was our dining room when we first moved in – pre kids. it is floor to ceiling knotty pine paneling. it was very dark. i mean DARK. we didn’t do anything to it right away because we had other pressing projects, but we knew one day we would paint.

well, that day came after we had our first baby. we thought about making this room a play room. it’s right off the kitchen and has lots of light – that was getting sucked up by all that dark wood! so, we chose our paint and got to work. it was a lot of work to paint this paneling, but i think most will agree it was worth it.


here’s another view looking out towards the back yard – we replaced the double doors and got rid of the stained glass look – just not us at all.


and there you have it. what do you think of the transformation?