first field trip – folsom zoo

stella got to take her first field trip with a few of her preschool friends. we went to the folsom zoo. it’s a great place that is not your typical zoo, but instead an animal sanctuary for rescued animals.

i didn’t get a lot of photos inside the zoo because, let’s face it, chasing a bunch of 3 year olds around is difficult at best and makes it hard to keep your eye behind a lens. but, look at these cute monkeys outside the zoo!

and stella’s huge wingspan!

and her first day too…

stella started preschool. she started one week after anya started kindergarten. so, every for a week she would ask: “mama, is it my turn to go to MY school today?”
“soon, baby. soon”
“but i’m not a BABY! i go to preschool!”

she’s right. she’s not a baby. so many times i’ve asked this question. how does it happen? i still can’t figure it out.

this is not the same preschool i sent anya to. this one is parent participation. so far it’s great. i have just one day a week in the class. and she goes 2 days without me.

she loves preschool. they measure all the kids the first day and then the last day to see how they’ve grown. how cute is that?!

(my little stella is the shortest of the lot!)

each day they get to move their name from “i’m at home” to “i’m at school.”

on the day the parent works in the classroom, each kid gets to bring a “share” (show and tell.) stella brought her baby photo album which has pictures of her first week of life. she loves looking at it and was so proud to share it with her classmates.

she has a couple of great friends in the class too.

happy first day of preschool stella! you will always be my baby girl!

her first day…

“mommy, i’m a little bit shy to go to kindergarten.” these were her words on our way to the first day of kindergarten. she’s been looking forward to this day for at least a year.

here she is all ready to go. she picked out her lunch: bagel thin with cream cheese and canadian bacon, grapes, cheese crackers, chocolate chip cookie, and water.

she has a good friend ryder in her class (and another good friend aiden in another class), so i think that helped her be less nervous.

i think this is going to be a great year for anya. she’s so enthusiastic about learning.

she is going to do great things.

i love you anya – happy first day of kindergarten!