dave’s pumpkin patch

i have to admit, visiting the pumpkin patch when it was 85° out was a little strange. we don’t take fall photos in tights and boots and cute sweaters – it’s short sleeve halloween t-shirts and sunglasses. it’s just not right. poor stella was over-dressed in long sleeves – but it sure is a cute shirt!

we still made the best of it…even with the harsh sunlight. (hence the photo below. i know the light is way too hot, but i just love the photo anyway. her eyes look stunning and i like her expression.)

i just love dave’s. we went there last year too. it’s not to far away and they have all the attractions with out being too crazy busy the entire month of october. plus, they shoot pumpkins out of a canon. how can you beat that?!

pony rides are always a hit.

they have a field of pre-picked pumpkins and a pick your own option, which is nice.

they also have a huge field of various varieties of sunflowers…so pretty! i think i could have stayed there all day. (less dust out there too.)

it was near impossible to get my girls to pose together for a photo amongst the pumpkins…so i settled for them each alone. it’s all about compromise, right?

so, there you have it, our super sunny “fall” visit to the pumpkin patch. it was a great day – even if we were sweating through it!