random thursday

this is getting me through the day today.

i have convinced myself that loving this cereal is ok because it is cheerios.

yes, they are chocolate cheerios, but they are made with whole grains. that makes it ok, right? right?? is this thing on?

lots to do today and i’m just feeling bleh. i’m thinking an afternoon coffee is going to be in order.

buddy love

our kitty, buddy (if you knew him, you’d understand how fitting that name really is) was missing for 6 days. i started to panic thinking the worst had happened. we got to the make-signs-and-call-everyone-we-know-phase of things. low and behold, through facebook (gotta love facebook sometimes) our neighbor mentioned seeing him. i went outside on friday afternoon and he was laying on our front lawn. i was worried because he wasn’t moving or responding to my voice. my heart sank. i sat on the grass next to him and touched his back. he flinched and tried to nip at my hand. i was overjoyed. but as this happened, i realized his face was very very swollen. something was very wrong. i picked him up and took him into the house and closed him off in the bathroom. i didn’t want the girls to be scared of how he looked – it was not good. the short story is that i ended up having to take him to the pet hospital and they kept him over night. he was dehydrated and they needed to drain the massive amounts of fluid in his mouth. poor kitty. i picked him up this morning and he looked like this:

the cone of shame. you’ve seen “up” right?

they still aren’t 100% sure what happened. it could be that got bit by something. it could be that he got in a fight. he’s 13, so this could be a sign of age and something more serious. time will tell. if the infection stays away, then we know it was a bite or something. keeping my fingers crossed.

and now, 6 days later (the length of time he was missing) he looks like this:

lookin’ good buddy. we are so glad you are home!

spring break

it’s spring break around here and with me working some now, it is my job to make sure the girls are entertained while i get my work done as quickly as possible so we can enjoy time together. today we decided to take our old crayons and melt them into new ones.

first we started with the horrible task of removing all the paper. i put my youngest kid on this task since it’s what she is best at. she’s always peeled the paper off the crayons. drives me bananas. but this time, i assured her it was ok. next we sorted them by color for this first batch (second round was multi-color.)


heat the oven to 265° and bake for about 4-6 minutes – depending on your oven. i had the girls on watch with the oven light on and they told me when they were completely melted. let them cool for about 30 mins in the pan and then pop them into the fridge for another 30 minutes or so. once they are completely cooled they pop right out of the pan.


and there you have it! my kids love these. even at age 3 and 6, they still love the surprise of what color will show up on their paper. as for the rest of spring break, i’m not sure what the days will hold but this was a fun little activity. now i’m off to go buy new crayons!