photo courtesy of Classic Media

so, stella has become completely obsessed with she-ra. it’s on qubo. she watches it non-stop. it is her program of choice if she wants to watch netflix. she has memorized the opening to she-ra and recites it all. day. long.

well, at least i can say she’s not obsessed with something more obnoxious – like barney.
“for the honor of greyskull!”

sunday funday

we took the girls to a nearby park to ride their scooters. it has wide sidewalks and lots of space. they have a skate park too, but my girls aren’t quite ready for the big leagues just yet.
it was such a beautiful day – it’s hard to believe it is technically “winter.” it was t-shirts and a no jacket kind of day.

this is the face of a very happy girl and an afternoon of “scootering.”


so undecided

i have been working on updating my blog here and also trying update my photography site  i like the look of a clean blog, but not sure i’m going to stick with this look.

the problem i’m having now is what to do with the photography site. i really want to have a nice looking gallery to send potential clients to, but not something over-done. for now, i’m busy putting watermarks on the photos i plan to showcase.

i’m taking advantage of picnik while i can. in case no one noticed, they are closing the site down in april. so sad. i love picnik for quick photo edits. sigh.

so, stick with me as i try to figure all this out. for some reason, i’m just not feeling it. maybe i should go eat a cupcake and figure it out.

contemplating over sprinkles

happy sunday everyone!

fire station #1

stella’s preschool took a field trip to the fire station and it was so fun!

one of the moms in the preschool is a fire fighter, so we all got a personal tour at the fire station where she works.
the kids (and the parents) had such a great time learning all about fire safety and how everything works at the fire station.

each kid even got a chance to use the hose. so fun!

thanks to everyone at fire station #1. we really appreciate you taking the time to show us around and for keeping us safe!

stella scissor hands

it finally happened.
one of my kids cut their own hair.
and it wasn’t pretty.
not one bit.

sweet mullet…we just can’t have that.

what you can’t see here is that she cut up underneath the longer layers behind her ears. perfect.

off to supercuts we went and i said a little prayer on the way that we would get someone that knew just what to do.

i think things worked out just fine and my little stella (a.k.a posh spice) has a new bounce to her step.

p.s. sorry for the crudy photos…they are from my phone.

princess z

my great-niece or is it grand-niece (wow, that makes me sound old – can i just say my niece’s daughter? ok, thanks. that’s better.) turned 3 and had a very pink princess party.
princess z
pink pink pink. even pink cupcakes with pink frosting.
cupcakes happy birthday sweet girl! ziyahn

maggie mayhem

i think this will be her new name. in just 3 short weeks of owning this adorable little pup, she has become the most expensive thing in our house lately.

cone of shame.

she got super excited one evening and tried to jump on the back of the couch, but missed. landed hard on the wood floor. then decided she didn’t need to use that leg anymore and that 3 would be just fine.

called the vet, they said: “bring her in and we’ll charge you $480 to tell you that it’s just a sprain and we’ll wrap her up and send her home.” ok, maybe they didn’t say that _exactly_. but close.


this is one very cute and very expensive pup.