nutella & tortillas

after dinner the girls wanted a special treat. i looked around the kitchen and came up with nutella, tortillas, cinnamon, sugar and butter. oh yea, i said it. and it was totally good.

start with small tortillas. spread the nutella liberally (is there really any other way?)

next lay another tortilla over the top. then spread with butter on both sides (like when you make a grilled cheese sandwich) and then sprinkle the mixture of sugar and cinnamon on both sides.

(note: i think next time – oh yes, there will be a next time, i will use butter cooking spray instead of butter. i think it might help the tortillas crisp better.)
place the tortillas on a skillet or grill and cook them on both sides until they start to brown slightly. remove them from the grill and cool slightly, then slice into wedges.

then eat and eat and eat. oh my. the tortillas almost get candied on the grill from the sugar.
it’s divine.
i loved it and i hope you do too!


it goes without saying that i’ve always been a fan of h&m. i was watching the super bowl commercials with the hubs and he said “they want $15.95 for a pair of mens underwear?!” i didn’t even notice that they showed a price on the screen. what does that tell you?

thank you h&m for making my sunday.

lazy sunday

my morning looked a bit like this:

it’s the first day in a while that we didn’t have an agenda. no plans. no work that had to be done. so, i sat with my coffee this morning and worked on the crossword. i ate cinnamon rolls and fruit salad. i made pizza for lunch and we are going to watch the super bowl commercials – which means we will end up “watching” the game too.

i’ll be back tomorrow with my favorite commercial.
i hope you get to have a lazy sunday too!

lai family

i had the pleasure of taking pictures of the adorable lai family. it’s always challenging wrangling a 1 1/2 year old. but we managed to walk away with a couple of great family photos.

we will try another day when chloe wants to stay in one place and not run from my camera. :)

friday night fun dinner

my hubby found this idea on the internet. i decided to give it a try for dinner on friday. i kept dinner a secret from the kids. the one mistake i made was to break the spaghetti into smaller pieces. i should have left them the full length. ah well…next time.

here’s the before:

and the after:

needless to say, the kids had a blast eating dinner and asked when they could have it again. (we rarely ever have hotdogs, so this was quite a treat.)

have a great weekend!

getting there…

so, after much contemplation and indecision, i finally decided to just put photo galleries on the ol’ blog here. i have decided to take down my other photography site and just have the images here. i think this is much easier. one place for everything – for now. until i decide to change it. which i’m totally allowed to do.

anyway…enough talk about the blog and back to actually blogging.
today was a random day filled with a little bit of everything.
starting with coffee (duh.) – hers & his.

then taking kids to school.
more work.
fold laundry.
pick up one kid.
eat lunch.
fold more laundry.
pick up the other kid.
trip to the $1 store.
dinner. (by the way – this is my view each night at dinner time.)

getting baths ready as we speak and looking forward to a quiet house in about an hour. busy day tomorrow. how about you?