pals and karate

stella had a field trip with her friends to the train museum today. i can’t believe we’ve never been! but *free* is a really good incentive to go. it’s pretty cool inside. they even have trains you can go into and one that simulates movement like you are on a real moving train (insert nausea here.)
i didn’t take any pics in the train museum (wrangling kids on a preschool field trip takes a lot of attention), but i did get this one of the cutie-pies waiting outside.

train museum

they are such great pals and have known each other for about 3 years. i hope they know each other for a very long time.

after the field trip we went to a nearby park and ate lunch.

i think maybe the highlight of the day and what they were all waiting for was karate lessons. our preschool is getting 1 whole month of free lessons! it’s just about the cutest thing imaginable. the instructor, mr. oliver, is so great with the kids. he teaches them a lot about respect and honor and what karate really means: empty hands

karate chop!

preschool karate

stella is having so much fun with the classes. we just might have to figure out a way to continue past the free month.