she is 5

5. five. V.


this kid makes me laugh daily.


she makes me proud to be her mommy.

she gives the best hugs.


she challenges me. she’s funny, smart, compassionate, giving, and will always be my baby girl.


happy birthday stella! we love you to the moon, around the stars and back! ♥



so, i’m a little over a week into my “changes.”
i discovered something recently – bread does not agree with me. i started noticing if i had half a bagel in the morning that i felt completely nauseous and totally sluggish. bread never had this effect on me – or maybe i just wasn’t as aware. i’ve been really watching what i eat and about 5 days ago, i decided to cut out wheat. not gluten altogether, but wheat. so – basically no bread or baked goods, to start. i’ve had a very small portion of pasta and that seemed to be ok. i think it’s bread. bread is the culprit to my bloatedness and terrible feeling after eating it. i know it must make me feel pretty bad because to me, bread is like candy. i love love love a good bagel with cream cheese. just typing the word “bagel” kinda makes me want to hurl. so, here i am working on eating better and without the bread. so far so good. i feel better already.


it’s time things started changing around here.

when the larger sized clothes in my closet start to feel tight and uncomfortable, that’s it. i have drawn the line. i’m hoping to keep up with things here so i can be somewhat accountable (not that anyone is listening or reading this.) but it will give me a place to vent, track progress, and talk about what is working and not working.

i’m starting with this:

and the scarsdale diet (modified slightly.)

i’m not setting unrealistic goals for myself at this point. no “i’m-going-to-lose-X-number-of-pounds-in-X-number-of-days” and never touch carbs kind of crap (for anyone that can do that, great! but it doesn’t work for me, i ALWAYS mess that up.) work hard. eat better (cut back on eating out and eating because i’m stressed out.) quit making excuses about my knees and lack of time and blah blah blah.

this is it. i made it through my first day of shred. 20 minutes and i’m not dead. it was hard. it always is. but i did it. walk/running will be fit in as well.

today, everything changes.