she is 5

5. five. V.


this kid makes me laugh daily.


she makes me proud to be her mommy.

she gives the best hugs.


she challenges me. she’s funny, smart, compassionate, giving, and will always be my baby girl.


happy birthday stella! we love you to the moon, around the stars and back! ♥



so, i’m a little over a week into my “changes.”
i discovered something recently – bread does not agree with me. i started noticing if i had half a bagel in the morning that i felt completely nauseous and totally sluggish. bread never had this effect on me – or maybe i just wasn’t as aware. i’ve been really watching what i eat and about 5 days ago, i decided to cut out wheat. not gluten altogether, but wheat. so – basically no bread or baked goods, to start. i’ve had a very small portion of pasta and that seemed to be ok. i think it’s bread. bread is the culprit to my bloatedness and terrible feeling after eating it. i know it must make me feel pretty bad because to me, bread is like candy. i love love love a good bagel with cream cheese. just typing the word “bagel” kinda makes me want to hurl. so, here i am working on eating better and without the bread. so far so good. i feel better already.


it’s time things started changing around here.

when the larger sized clothes in my closet start to feel tight and uncomfortable, that’s it. i have drawn the line. i’m hoping to keep up with things here so i can be somewhat accountable (not that anyone is listening or reading this.) but it will give me a place to vent, track progress, and talk about what is working and not working.

i’m starting with this:

and the scarsdale diet (modified slightly.)

i’m not setting unrealistic goals for myself at this point. no “i’m-going-to-lose-X-number-of-pounds-in-X-number-of-days” and never touch carbs kind of crap (for anyone that can do that, great! but it doesn’t work for me, i ALWAYS mess that up.) work hard. eat better (cut back on eating out and eating because i’m stressed out.) quit making excuses about my knees and lack of time and blah blah blah.

this is it. i made it through my first day of shred. 20 minutes and i’m not dead. it was hard. it always is. but i did it. walk/running will be fit in as well.

today, everything changes.

pinterest – it’s what’s for dinner

i am addicted to pinterest. i’ve been trying to be better about only pinning recipes that i might actually make. i also have a “a girl can always dream” board for all the amazing things i find that i never want to forget for that one day when i’m filthy rich. :) until then, i’m just keepin’ it real and cooking some amazing things. tonight i made this from a farmgirl’s dabbles.

Coconut Green Curry Beef with Peanut Sauce
Coconut & Green Curry Beef with Peanut Sauce


needless to say, this was an amazing recipe! the peanut sauce. oh. my. i wanted to just grab a spoon and shove that stuff in my face (maybe i did…you’ll never know.) my girls even loved this. they cleaned their plates and i got a resounding “mommy, you are the best cooker in the world!” works for me.

pinterest didn’t disappoint for dessert either. i made these from just jenn recipes.

Peanut Butter Cherrio Treats
Peanut Butter Cheerio Treats

i might have had more than one of these for dessert. and i might just have one for breakfast, but i’d rather not say.

thank you, pinterest for being you! however, i may need to start pinning things that don’t have anything to do with food or else i’ll need to go find a diy wheelbarrow to get myself out of the house at the rate i’m going.

GOOD street food + design market

yesterday was the premier of GOOD street food + design market here in sacramento. can i just say how much we needed this? it was awesome and very fun. GOOD is featuring local designers and food vendors (food trucks too!) the first sunday of every month through the summer. my good friend rachel from popcycle creamery made her debut with her ice cream pops. she got rave reviews and tons of attention. i’m super proud of her!Popcycle and GOOD

another friend, amy was selling her jewelry, revitalized vintage. i fell in love with that turquoise beaded necklace, but didn’t nab it fast enough. sad face.

revitalized vintage

we had the most amazing food from voodoo van (they came from san francisco) – i think i got my deep fried intake for the year. note: i must have been too busy stuffing my face and forgot to get photos. sorry. next time.

there were tons of free activities for the kids too. face painting, pinata making, all sorts of mess-making that i didn’t have to do at home. sweet!

i can’t wait for the next GOOD event in july. it’s promising to be even better than the first!


pals and karate

stella had a field trip with her friends to the train museum today. i can’t believe we’ve never been! but *free* is a really good incentive to go. it’s pretty cool inside. they even have trains you can go into and one that simulates movement like you are on a real moving train (insert nausea here.)
i didn’t take any pics in the train museum (wrangling kids on a preschool field trip takes a lot of attention), but i did get this one of the cutie-pies waiting outside.

train museum

they are such great pals and have known each other for about 3 years. i hope they know each other for a very long time.

after the field trip we went to a nearby park and ate lunch.

i think maybe the highlight of the day and what they were all waiting for was karate lessons. our preschool is getting 1 whole month of free lessons! it’s just about the cutest thing imaginable. the instructor, mr. oliver, is so great with the kids. he teaches them a lot about respect and honor and what karate really means: empty hands

karate chop!

preschool karate

stella is having so much fun with the classes. we just might have to figure out a way to continue past the free month.

i am alive

i’ve been out of commission for a few weeks with the worst cold and, from what i can remember, my first case of strep throat. yuck. that’s the word for it all. yuck. not only did i get it, but the littles got it too. double yuck!

wonder  woman makes everything better.

so, once i catch up on work, kids (who are on spring break) and the house, i will get back to some sense of normal and start blogging again.

i miss it.


nutella & tortillas

after dinner the girls wanted a special treat. i looked around the kitchen and came up with nutella, tortillas, cinnamon, sugar and butter. oh yea, i said it. and it was totally good.

start with small tortillas. spread the nutella liberally (is there really any other way?)

next lay another tortilla over the top. then spread with butter on both sides (like when you make a grilled cheese sandwich) and then sprinkle the mixture of sugar and cinnamon on both sides.

(note: i think next time – oh yes, there will be a next time, i will use butter cooking spray instead of butter. i think it might help the tortillas crisp better.)
place the tortillas on a skillet or grill and cook them on both sides until they start to brown slightly. remove them from the grill and cool slightly, then slice into wedges.

then eat and eat and eat. oh my. the tortillas almost get candied on the grill from the sugar.
it’s divine.
i loved it and i hope you do too!