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both. in. school!

i really am so excited to have both my kids in school.
they need it.
they are at each others’ throats lately – which in turn makes me kind of a mean mommy.┬áthe first week couldn’t have gone better. and for that, i’m so pleased.
big kid is in 2nd grade and littlest kid is in kindergarten.

kinder, 1st, 2nd. whoa.

pals since before preschool

super excited to see what this year holds for my girls.
and i’m so happy to see them getting along.

i love you both very much!


the end of an era…

it’s really happening. she’s moving on to “real” school. it started sinking in when i registered anya for kindergarten last month. it hit even harder at parent orientation the other night. her preschool graduation was today and it was so bittersweet. i’m so looking forward to her finally getting to go to kindergarten. she’s been asking about it since her 5th birthday (she missed the age cut off by 1 week in our school district.)

how did we go from this…


to this…


she will always be my baby.


now we get to enjoy the summer before our crazy schedule begins in the fall!