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both. in. school!

i really am so excited to have both my kids in school.
they need it.
they are at each others’ throats lately – which in turn makes me kind of a mean mommy. the first week couldn’t have gone better. and for that, i’m so pleased.
big kid is in 2nd grade and littlest kid is in kindergarten.

kinder, 1st, 2nd. whoa.

pals since before preschool

super excited to see what this year holds for my girls.
and i’m so happy to see them getting along.

i love you both very much!


she is 5

5. five. V.


this kid makes me laugh daily.


she makes me proud to be her mommy.

she gives the best hugs.


she challenges me. she’s funny, smart, compassionate, giving, and will always be my baby girl.


happy birthday stella! we love you to the moon, around the stars and back! ♥


i {heart} faces – contemplative


it’s a new challenge at iheartfaces this week. the theme is “contemplative”. i just love this photo for a couple reasons.

it was a total mistake that it came out. i had the ISO set to 1600 for some indoor photos i was taking, and forgot to check the settings on the camera before snapping away at the park the next day. i wanted to cry when i realized what i had done (the kids were really cooperating and letting me take loads of photos.) this was the only photo i was able to salvage. a little work in photoshop on the levels and this is what i ended up with. i couldn’t be happier. i just love stella’s expression. she looks like she’s in deep thought. in my humble opinion, it’s a beautiful mistake!